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Bonus Offers – Bonus Or Bogus?

We see and hear about special offers all the time. It seems that someone somewhere thinks that it’s the only thing that will motivate us into signing up or buying something – and they’re not always far from the truth with their assumption. However, with so many offers being readily available at any one time, is it always clear to see if you’re going to benefit by joining up? I’d stake that the answer is probably not!

Hurricane Sandy Attributed To Drop In Profits

In October, Hurricane Sandy became the largest Atlantic Hurricane on record when it smashed into the United States, Canada, Bahamas, Greater Antilles and Bermuda. It caused an estimated $65.6 billion in damages and killed at least 253-people, making it the second most devastating hurricane to hit the Atlantic, after Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

Sandy quite literally sucked up the cash and spat it out onto the ocean floor. One, of many,…

Online Bingo – The Ins And Outs

You all obviously know what ordinary bingo is? Well I’d hope so anyway. But have you heard of online bingo? I suppose I would be a little surprised if there were many people who hadn’t heard of it to be honest. I only say that I would be surprised because there are currently 3 million players of it in the UK alone, a figure that is certainly growing year by year. I…

Social Gaming

Gaming has always been one of two categories; social or single player (dare we say anti-social) gaming.

As the name suggests, single player games were where games began, for example Pac-Man, Manic Miner, Frak, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Sonic, Dogfighter, Tetris through to Angry Birds today. These are perfect for those who want to pit their wits against the computer and/or not have to wait to connect to another player to compete against them.

Best Mobile Internet Connection For Poker

Here we will look at the various mobile internet providers as they relate to playing poker on your mobile device at poker rooms such as It goes without saying that mobile poker demands a reliable internet connection; otherwise there is always a danger of being disconnected at a critical moment in your game.

The five major UK mobile phone networks are Orange and T-Mobile (which now trade as…

888 Casino Gaming Technology Put To The Test

Every gambler worth their salt are well aware of the powerhouses in the scene and unlike some, 888Casino has some of the most advanced technology and software on the market. We here at put it to the test.

888Casino has been an established heavyweight on the online gambling circuit. With a plethora of games to play ranging from slots, cards, roulette and every other form of classic…

Play For Free – Play For Cash?

Is there any point in online “gambling” if you don’t play for cash? The short answer is a resounding “yes” because, of course, playing for free enables you to trial different strategies as long as you can trust the site operator that whatever type of game you’ve gone for works in exactly the same way as a real cash version.

But it would seem that more and more people are…

Best Casino Games For Beginners

If you are discouraged from playing at an online casino by the worry that casino games are complicated and you don’t really understand them, then be assured that there are also some very easy games that you can play as a beginner.

Slots is an example of games in which all you need to do is make a bet and press a button, but bear in mind that not all…

Gambling In The 21st Century

Games have always been fun way to pass the time but as you grow up it always matters more to win when you have something on it.

Gambling comes in various shapes and guises, whether it’s on a game of sports, a flutter on the races or going to the pub or arcade and winning the jackpot on a one arm bandit machine. However, in the modern day, with time and…

Choosing An Online Roulette Website

Roulette stems from the French word for “little wheel”. Founded in France sometime during the 17th century, roulette is now one of the most popular games of chance in the whole world, played by gamblers all over the globe throughout places like America, Africa, Asia, and of course Europe. The ability to play roulette online has meant that even more gamblers have access to this thrilling game of chance. Before signing up…