A huge number of sites about online casinos create a very confusing situation with the rating of each institution. Some sites use certain indicators, other sites use completely different assessment options. different approaches to evaluating online casinos create a huge mess in the player’s head. This becomes the reason that the player cannot adequately evaluate the product and create his own best online casino rating. this is the problem we will talk about today. Competition in the field of online gambling should not adversely affect the choice of a player.

What Online Casino Ratings Do You Prefer?

Have you already decided which online casino rating is right for you? Or which rating is the most important and true? Surely you thought so, but then changed your mind. This is what we call the current confusing situation and the player’s problem. In order to really correctly and adequately evaluate one or another online casino, a player has to compose several different ratings. These ratings are significantly different from each other. It is especially difficult for beginners.

New players getting into the world of online gambling generally can not understand what’s what. This leads to the fact that they make deposits in bad online casinos, and then can not withdraw their winnings. The situation is aggravated by the fact that many casino rating owners are absolutely not worried about the players’ comfort. For them, the main indicators are the high level of earnings from a particular brand and the quick payment of their revenue share. As a result, in the Top of best online casino rating, there may not be an online casino that really cares about the comfort of players, but one that brings good profits to its partner, the owner of this rating.

How to Choose Wright Rating?

Best Online Casino RatingsHow can a novice or experienced player determine which rating is really worthy of his attention? First of all, you should pay attention to the reviews of the same players as you. For these people there is no point in lying to you. They will always write a negative review about the casino that deceived them. This is very important information. Therefore, among the huge number of different ratings, always try to choose exactly those where it is possible to leave your own review. There you can easily find the opinions of other players about the brand you are interested in.

The second important indicator is the actual payout rate. The speed of payout is a fundamental factor in choosing an online casino. Each player is thus suffering from his game. He should not suffer from the need to wait for his honestly won money for several days or weeks. And sometimes delaying payments stretches for many months. In our opinion, this is unacceptable.

So here. There are units of ratings that really do such an important job of evaluating the actual rate of payouts. There are reasons for this. One of these reasons is the difficulty of evaluating such an indicator. In one country, the payout rate will be one, in another another. In addition, in different countries, the speed of various payment systems is also different and this creates certain difficulties. However, despite this, there are still enthusiasts who carry out this work for the benefit of the players.

One such enthusiast is CasinoMeister. He gathered around him a whole group of interested players. These players share their experience on the payout speed in a particular online casino. All these players are from different countries. These countries are listed in the CasinoMeister report. Thus, you can evaluate the real rate of payment in each individual country, indicating the payment system used to make the payment.

The Best Online Casino Ratings – Our opinion

Of course, each player has the right to choose the best online casino ratings for himself. We just want to share our opinion. After evaluating the huge number of various ratings of online casinos, we came to the conclusion that the following five brands are most appropriate: AskGamblers, CasinoMeister, OnlineCasinoReports, ThePOGG and LatestCasinoBonuses. Each of these ratings has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, the AskGamlers team has collected a huge number of reviews from real players. If you really want to see real reviews, then here you are. CasinoMeister better than others evaluates the speed of payment and gives the most complete picture of how quickly the casino serves its customers. ThePOGG conducts its own investigation of each complaint from a player and this forces players to return to it again and again. Thus, each of them does an important job for the benefit of the player.